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December 14, 2012 1 Comment


Online Shopping is the Future. We don't have to drive anywhere to shop anymore and with this never stoping rising gas prices it is very convenient. We just go to Google, Yahoo, MSN or YouTube and type in what we are looking for. And with seconds we have our first online shoppe experience.

Jewelry, Jewelry Bracelet, Jewelry Earrings, Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and so on. We can search more specific for our items like; Silver Jewelry Earrings with Black Onyx and Blue Lapis Lazuli Semi Precious Stones. This would narrow our search sites in Google and make our online shopping experience more easy.Like this example it would be more easy to find the Pieces of Jewelry that we are searching for.

When you find the website that has the items that you like, Bookmark the online shoppe site before you keep searching the web. I found that when ever you find something and don't bookmark the page that you like, it will be impossible sometimes to find it back. And after spending some of your time searching and reading article's about your favourite item you want to be able to get back to it when you have made the decision to buy it.

In this time where the internet is growing in such a fast paste we can read all the information we need for the product we are interested in. From Customer Revues to Forums and Social Networks there is so much to read about any item you would like to know more about it before buying it. My favourite revue site are blogs, there I get all the information I need. To find a blog about the company that you are interested to buy an item is easy. Look around there online shopping site and there you will find a link to there blog site.

When you go to our KenSu Jewelry online shopping site, there is a search button where you can type in what you are looking for. Like if you would be looking for some Earrings with Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli than that would be the keywords to put into the search button. When you navigate to the Earrings you can zoom into the picture when clicking on the item. Like this you can see the earrings or any other piece of Jewelry enlarged.

This makes shopping more easy and fun. Enjoy


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January 23, 2013

I have the same issue, but I am wearing them when I don’t need a neckalce. And then I figure the bracelet can be silver. But, I also love that bracelet – I saw Lisa wearing it at Blissdom, and it is striking.

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