Dear Valued KenSu Jewelry Customer

March 23, 2020

KenSu Jewelry Perfect Sunset


Just like you all, we are closely monitoring the developments regarding COVID 19 Coronavirus. We pray that you and your family are safe & healthy during this very vulnerable time on the planet and taking all the necessary precautions. Washing hands often and social distancing.


We all know that if this virus continues to widely spread, the possibility of travel to and from the Hawaiian islands may be impossible for awhile. That we all need to stay put at home-take care of ourselves and family and try to stop the spread of this vicious virus.

Here on Maui, we KenSu Jewelry are taking full precautions since last Sunday canceling all our Trunk Shows and solely working from home continuing to make our beautiful jewelry and selling online.

We are taking full precautions in cleaning and handling the jewelry in accordance with the CDC guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus when shipping.


In one way it feels like time has stopped or slowed way down.... in the Gap. We are needing to suddenly isolate ourselves from friends and loved ones outside of home... but Life is still going on.... We need to continue to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, graduations and so on, and isn’t now a good time to show our love and buy a loved one, friend our ourselves that special gift? A gift that has healing and energy benefits when worn? That can help enhance our moods, uplift our spirits and over all just make us feel balanced and good, especially in times like these?

KenSu jewelry is not just a piece of beautiful jewelry, it is called;

“Conscious Jewelry”. Apart from the healing semi precious and precious stones, 925 sterling silver and 14 carat gold that can help with all that, we make each piece with the intention of “Conscious Love”. That means each piece from the moment it is designed, to the stone found especially for that design and then made, is handled with the awareness and Love it is to serve the wearer. We Love what we do, sharing the Love to the world.


All of you that we have contacted are from a personal connection of some sort, either you have a piece of our jewelry, ordered a custom piece or bought from one of our Trunk Shows, or you are on our email list and follow us and our Brand closely. We are reaching out to you to let you know in this time we will be sending out weekly blogs with information on stones, where they come from, there benefits and healing powers and at times also pictures of some of our new pieces we've made.


Were offering Free shipping and handling within the USA and for all our website sales too. So, when ever you feel the right moment to purchase that special piece we are here to assist you in finding the right one to serve you.


Wishing you all good Health, Peace, and Love and don't forget to take some deep breaths and have a good laugh. It really can help with stress.


We are all in this Together as One.


With Warm Heartfelt Gratitude,


Kendra and Suheiwa

KenSu Jewelry


KenSu Love

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