April 27, 2020

Now that the shock of reality has hit us more solidly and we are realizing this is truly happening to us All in a very unprecedented time on the planet. We are facing in ourselves our Life, Health, Survival, Community, Fear, Panic and much much more, if we like it or not we are forced to look at it Now. What is also amazing is, it doesn’t matter what race or color you are,whether your rich or your poor,in the USA or in India,we are All going through it. At the same time we are all in a Global shut down, isolation of each other, our jobs on hold or even no more, planetary.
What is also amazing is that we Have a choice in which direction we want to be allowed to go. Up or Down. Negative or Positive. There is good that is coming from this or this is bad. We have the choice to decide for ourselves which way we choose to see it.
I watch myself how I react with what I choose to listen to or read, and how it actually can change my heart beat, stress and mood, from calm to suddenly fear and panic or to acceptance, peace and excitement, for the change that is happening Now. We are being rearranged by this, the whole planet if we like it or not. Nothing will ever be back to the way it was a month ago. You may go back to your old job, you may try and create the same life, but it will never be the same. A huge shift is taking place. Pretty amazing, and We are All facing this reality together. WOW!

What comes for me in this time is I feel it is giving me a chance to see how I am. How is my health & stress levels been? Have I been taking care of myself or been staying too busy? Where do I need to work on to better balance myself out? We are needing now to clean better ourselves, our homes, surroundings, offices like never before, being more aware of all that. To now be more aware of the food I am eating. Where is it sourced. A time to slow down from the “Do Do not Aware” phase to the more Aware slow down phase. Being more in the present the “Here and Now”.
From that new place I realize how I want to start to slow down even more be more aware of my surroundings and people. To smile more, even to strangers.. tomorrow is unknown that is something we all must face in our own ways. It can be hard and cause fear inside or it can be exciting as change can bring the New into our lives. Our choice.

Whatever is happening for you and your loved ones, or even a stranger in line at the store, know in this time of change, remember to be Kind and Loving to one another as we all have our different ways of dealing with this. It maybe harder for some more then others. Have compassion and reach out to help one another with Love. That is what will get us through this.

LOVE. There's always room for more.

We here at KenSu Jewelry are sending you LOVE from our Hearts and Courage that we will get through this together as ONE.

Take care fellow planetary friends.

KenSu JewelrySunrise Maui

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