Heart Silver Necklace

November 23, 2012 1 Comment




Before I designed this silver heart necklace, I looked around in my inventory and I could not find any good ideas. This heart silver necklace is hand carved, and charming, with a message of Love. How did I come to design it?

I designed this heart pendant as a gift for my wife's 12 year wedding anniversary with in mind our never ending love for one another and the continuous openness we feel. Since she wear's it all the time when she goes out with her friends, they tell her how lovely it looks. We always know what to give them for their birthday presents.

It is a pleasure to make them with a talented handcrafted silver smith family with love and respect and put them in our KenSu Jewelry collection to share with the World.

It is our 12th year anniversary silver heart pendant Necklace and can be worn in silver or silver with gold vermeil finish. We believe wearing this KenSu Silver Jewelry Pendant makes you feel in Love, in Light and in Peace. This is how we start our designs in general out of inspirations, events, love and travels. We both are very spiritual and want to give this message out in our Jewelry.

We design it with Love and Light and our silver smith family crafts every piece with also the same intention.

To have a heart silver necklace reminds you that we all have a heart and should act more from it and not from the mind. This helps us to get reminded that love is the ultimate answer to all problems. You probably think what does love and a heart silver necklace do for you? A Lot. We all need to be reminded over and over again that our thoughts are powerful and if we are thinking of good thoughts then we feel good. So does it have something to do with one simple silver heart necklace? The answer is Yes. Be reminded of Love and express that.

So I learned from this design, and we continue putting it into other KenSu designs, that we can do something to uplift this world with something that we love. My wife and I love designing jewelry, and maybe you love doing something else, but if you put love and joy into it, the one that gets your product or services will feel it.

We, from KenSu Jewelry went around the world and have seen and experienced many different cultures and life styles but in the end we realized that every human in this world needs Love. So lets transmit that with what ever we are good in doing. It will make a difference for you, your family, your friends, your clients and your life.

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September 02, 2013

This would give a peaceful and full of love feeling because it’s made out of pure love. After all jewellery are made to those who hold special place in our hearts and by that you could show how important they are to you.

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