Handmade Jewelry Made With Recycled Gold And Silver

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Handmade Jewelry Made With Recycled Gold And Silver
By Suheiwa 

Handmade jewelry can be made with your recycled silver and gold jewelry. Maybe this inspires you to melt down the silver and gold that is sitting in your house with no use.

Handmade silver jewelry is produced and sold widely in the East. You can find machine made silver jewelry but mostly it comes from China. I always enjoy going to India and producing my jewelry designs.

It takes time to build up your relationship with a qualified silversmith. I have been working with ours since 2003, when we started melting down old used gold and silver jewelry that my wife and I had for many years sitting in our jewelry boxes. It was fun and creative to start designing Jewelry after I had finished my jewelry design school.

That is how my wife and I started our first jewelry designs together. It was an experiment and our investment was little, thanks to our old silver and gold jewelry pieces. One thing is to design jewelry and one thing is to be producing it in India where the conditions are not the same like in Germany where I went to school.

Handmade silver jewelry requires patience and persistence. The differents with machine made jewelry and handmade jewelry is of course the time and the craftmanship that it takes. Handmade jewelry made from gold and silver, is jewelry set apart from the rest. These after all takes patience and skillfull artisan to make a special piece. The use of blowtorch, mallet, saw, pliers and files is an intense process wich makes it unique and priceles. Our silversmith works with simple tools and every piece takes time. There have been so many occasions that we bring them new German made tools but they continue to use their old simple tools instead.

You don’t need much investment to start a new business. Our investment was recycled gold and silver, 2 tickets to India, our creativity, and the courage to start something new. After going back every year to India and producing with our silversmith very unique fashionable designs, we started our company in 2007 KenSu Precious Jewelry.

About the Author: “Suheiwa Lorenzo is one of the Jewelry Designers from KenSu Jewelry, and maintains a website about Silver Jewelry with Semi Precious Stones”.

KenSu Handmade Silver Jewelry started in Sydney Australia is created in Pune India and Bali Indonesia. It is available in Amsterdam Netherland, Dusseldorf Germany and San Francisco United States of America.




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September 12, 2011

Finally! This is just what I was looknig for.

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