KenSu Silver Jewelry For Every Special Occasion

April 07, 2011 2 Comments

KenSu Silver Jewelry is one of the most classic ways to celebrate a special event. From Christenings to graduations to weddings, there is no occasion that will not be enhanced by a timeless gift of silver. Take a look at this guide to get suggestions on silver jewelry for every special occasion.

The first time that young girls usually receive jewelry is when they are born or Christened. Of course, babies don’t necessarily wear jewelry at such a young age, but it is nonetheless a thoughtful way to commemorate a momentous occasion. A tiny silver bracelet engraved with the child’s name is one of the nicest designs for Christenings. Choose a narrow open cuff style which is slightly flexible so it can grow with the little girl.

The First Communion is another time when KenSu Silver Jewelry makes a special gift. Given the nature of the occasion, pieces with a theme will be the most appropriate. A dainty silver energy pendant is a perfect choice, especially if it is given to the little girl before her First Communion so that she can wear it during the Mass. Another good option is a silver bracelet which can be engraved with the date of her First Communion and a small cross on the inside of the bangle. These would be very nice gifts from the young lady’s parents or Godparents.

Graduations are often celebrated with jewelry, whether it is a middle school, high school, or college graduation. Among this age range, KenSu style Silver Jewelry is very popular. If you want to find it locally, try doing a quick Internet search to find a online jewelry store in your area. For instance, if you wanted to find a online jewelry store in California which carries a nice selection of silver jewelry, try a Google search of “California silver jewelry online store”. You should be able to track down a nice selection of engraveable silver heart pendants, bracelets, and more. The graduate in your life will surely be delighted!

Weddings are one of the top occasions for jewelry. KenSu Silver Jewelry is ideal for a bride and her bridesmaids, thanks to its elegance and affordability. Silver necklaces and earrings paired with sparkling crystals or rhinestones are gorgeous with wedding gowns with metallic embroidery. For a classic beauty, white pearls are lovely on handmade silver jewelry. Available in every imaginable design, from contemporary to vintage-inspired, there is sure to be the perfect set of KenSu Silver Jewelry for every bride. Silver is by far the most popular precious metal for bridesmaid jewelry gifts, as well, thanks to its versatility and reasonable cost.

When life comes full circle, jewelry also makes a marvelous idea for a baby gift. Just as the new mother might have received a special piece of silver when she was the newborn, jewelry is just as perfect for the mother. A silver charm bracelet with a baby buggy charm is one of the most pleasing baby gift ideas. Or get the new mother a beautiful silver locket in which she can carry a picture of her baby to keep him or her close to her heart at all times. Such pretty and sentimental pieces of silver jewelry are destined to become her favorites.

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Stephanie Carrigan
Stephanie Carrigan

June 26, 2012

Hello new Facebook friends …I hadn’t seen your work when I reached out to you..I reached out because your FB connected to Raymond Himmel who is such a quality guy all around that I knew that you had something special and my goodness I was right….I work as an Image consultant and jewelry is one of the most challenging area’s to find and often I end up recommending to my clients to have tailored made when can….but honestly I just gave face book “Client Alert” to check you all out for your work is gorgeous!! yummy!( that’s the technical term for …BUY IT! ) I will stay tuned in for sure would love to know about any showings or new pieces etc. A fan for sure , Stephanie Carrigan

Patricia Angel Wings
Patricia Angel Wings

June 26, 2012

KenSu It’s Patricia, John’s friend and admirer of your KenSu Jewelry line…You and your lovely wife’s jewelry collection is so beautiful…Hope you open galleries or otherwise showcase your work in places such as Laguna and Santa Cruz and the like where people appreciate fine art and international travelers can discover your fine work…
Here’s a fellow Jeweler thought you might enjoy… who takes Navajo Indian jewelry to the next level. Certainly uses non traditional stones and some eclectic designs…His early vintage collection is my favorite.
The LA area seems so harsh for two sojourners on such a sacred path, but can certainly use the light you two bring…Namaste…Patricia

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