KenSu Jewelry Biography

January 14, 2016

KenSu Jewelry Biography


KenSu Jewelry Biography

The work of KenSu Jewelry illuminates the human connection to one’s mythological and cosmological sense of being. Each piece is designed to open channels that allow us to explore the possibilities within the universe and how the connection we have between the earth and the stars influence us every day. Those who wear KenSu Jewelry seek to discover and expand the inner self by developing a new sense of awareness of the greater presence.

Conceived in 2007, KenSu is the creation of the dynamic partnership between Kendra Jahn and Suheiwa Vassallo. Having lived and traveled together since 2000, Kendra and Suheiwa are continuously inspired to create their designs from their exposure to the colors, visions, culture and nature of the places that have shaped them.

The international and multicultural appeal of KenSu is a reflection of the pair’s influential lifestyle and their experience in the fashion, arts and spiritual explorations they have had throughout the world – London, Ibiza, Sydney, Pune, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Maui to name a few.

Kendra and Suheiwa have lived in Maui since 2013, and their work has grown and expanded with the inspiration of the island, its majestic powers and beauty it beholds.

“Our intention is to enrich the life of each person who wears our jewelry,” they said. “We make simple and bold pieces that reflect the beauty and power of the island and are charged with the positive vibrations of light."

KenSu Jewelry takes into account both the material and metaphysical properties of each gem. Those who wear KenSu designs are invited to discover which color, cut and stone will best enhance their individual needs. Each stone has a story to tell, and carries with it a subtle energy that can be healing and mood enhancing.

Kendra grew up all over the world with her family. The offspring of artistic parents, Kendra was involved in fashion and the arts, beginning a modeling career early in her life. She lived in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland, Germany, India and the United States. Her world experience made her open minded and an entrepreneur at a young age. After seeking a deeper meaning to life, she moved to India to practice mediation and lived in an ashram for over 10 years. She keeps her practice to this day as part of her life, and works with light giving and mediation techniques.

Suheiwa, an Italian born in London and raised all over Europe, felt an instinctive need to travel and see the world. His modeling and jewelry career began in Pforzheim, Germany, known as the Capital of Gold and Silversmiths. His work later brought him to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where his ingenuity and enthusiasm for fashion led him to grow his business in the arts. He then became interested in the many spiritual practices of mediation and started his own self-discovery, which led him to India.

As Kendra and Suheiwa’s spiritual paths intertwined, their creativity soared, bringing their love of beauty and international fashion to the world of jewelry creation. Combining their spiritual path with entrepreneurship, Kendra and Suheiwa join their worldliness and inner development with jewelry designs, making each piece of KenSu Jewelry both fashionable and meaningful.

 Kendra & Suheiwa


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