I Was Looking For a Necklace and I Found So Much More

January 04, 2016

I Was Looking For a Necklace and I Found So Much More

I have been working hard and wanted to reward myself. I decided a new piece of KenSu Jewelry was just what I wanted. What I didn't realize at the time was the affect this piece of jewelry would have on my family. I bought a beautiful piece of jewelry, but I got so much more. 



I love anything handmade. Manufactured things just don't have the same beauty and soul as a unique handmade silver jewelry piece. So when I stumbled upon KenSuJewelry.com, I was immediately attracted to their beautiful handmade designs. As I began looking at their products, I was especially attracted to their Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. The beautiful dark blue color drew me in. I had to have it. It was beautiful, natural, and unique. Something told me I had to have a piece of Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. I chose a necklace with beads of Lapis Lazuli. I knew I would be the envy of all my friends; none of them had anything this unique and original.



So I bought the Lapis Lazuli necklace, and excitedly waited for it to arrive. I put it on as soon as it arrived, expecting the only side effects to be the jealousy of my friends and my own enjoyment. When I noticed that I was thinking clearer, I just chalked it up to having a good day. I am a writer and the words flowed from my hands easier than normal. Of course I was in a good mood, I had a beautiful piece of jewelry around my neck. When I found myself communicating and understanding others feelings better, I began to wonder. I put my newfound clarity to good use and started researching Lapis Lazuli Jewelry on the Internet. What I found was fascinating, and it made things make much more sense. I didn't believe in mystical things like crystal healing, did I? My mind was beginning to change.



I also noticed the people around me becoming calmer. My relationship with my husband was better than ever. I have an autistic child and she began to settle down. My thoughts were much clearer, and I felt more connected to those around me. Communication with my friends and family improved, and I found myself being able to read people I had just met much better. I began recommending Lapis Lazuli Jewelry to my family and friends. I also found that I stopped having migraines, and I had fewer aches and pains. I purchased one for my mother, and her high blood pressure started going down. A friend of mine got the promotion she had been hoping for. 



I bought a beautiful necklace, and I got benefits I never dreamed possible. I noticed changes in every aspect of my life. I found spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. I was never a believer in that sort of thing until I experienced it for myself. I now encourage everyone I know to purchase a KenSu Jewelry Lapis Lazuli piece. Not only is it beautiful and unique, it has many positive benefits as well.




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