April 11, 2013


At one time it would have only been the very rich who considered cuff links of any sort worthy of wear and when it came to silver cufflinks the ordinary man in the street would have no use for them. Not only would the wealthy choose sterling silver cuff links but they would be used for everyday wear and not just Sunday. When they did become more widely used it was very likely that few silver cufflinks would be seen other than one the rich who had always worn them. They were occasionally worn by woman but by and large they are male item of jewelry.

Cufflinks are the follows of cuff strings that date back to the 16th Century and although they were still used until the 19th Century, Louis XIV began to have fasteners of matching glass buttons that kept his cuffs together as they were attached to a chain.

It was at this time that they began to become ornate and also to give men the sort of choice that there is today. They can be silver or gold, diamond or pearl, and can be as expensive and designed or cheap and cheerful as required.

There is wide range of designs and they are now a fashion item and statement as much as they are a practical way to keep a cuff closed. When they are silver cufflinks they will be a good standard of silver and there can be many patterns and decorations involved. Many choose men’s cufflinks that have something that is connected to them such as a monogram or a birthstone and many sporting clubs will have cufflinks with their emblem or crest on them.

There are a number of ways to fasten a link and this can either be a large decorative part that will be on view has a stalk put through the button hole and will be attached to the other side with a clasp. There can be a piece that moves on a central stalk and the link is placed through the button hole and maneuvered into position and will also show off the decorative part off when worn.

While they are clearly more readily available to any man who wants them they will still be seen as an item mainly for special occasions for most and as such it will be worthwhile purchasing the items at the higher end of the market. As a result of the better quality they will be worn with pride and seen by many.

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