Onyx Bracelet

March 08, 2013

Often bracelets are not seen in all their glory as through the winter they will often be covered by sleeves, but once the summer starts they will soon be on full view. There will be many different type such as fashion bracelet, cuff bracelet and also ones that are made for men or woman.

There has been a trend for cheaper bracelets made of cord or leather but there is nothing to beat a good well made piece of jewelry such as a birthstone bracelet it onyx bracelet. There is something very special about a birthstone and when it is added to a bracelet it will be something that can be worn for all occasions.

When choosing a birthstone bracelet there are clearly limitations as to what items can be used. There will only be one birthstone so this will have to be the main color of the bracelet. There is no reason why there cannot be other items added, but it will be best if these are items of a different material as mixing colors does not always work.

Onyx will normally be considered to be a black stone, and while some variations are there are plenty of other shades that are still classed as onyx. It is a form of chalcedony and can be virtually every color with the exception of blue and purple. Most commonly onyx will be various shades of black, tan or white. Any piece of onyx that is used for a bracelet will certainly add to its appeal.

There is a long history of using onyx for jewelry and this can be traced back to the Second Dynasty in Egypt and also to the Bible. Considering how important jewelry was then it will be clear how important onyx is and how well it has been put into jewelry. It was even a stone that was written about by Pliny the Elder so clearly was known in the most educated circles.

It is not very likely that onyx will be chosen for its historical value but for its sheer beauty. When placed in a silver cradle it will be an item that will be desired by all who love elegant bracelets. While it is not a rarely used item it will make each item of jewelry that contains it seem to be unique as there will be so many different shapes and shades available.

While it may seen to be a dark stone for jewelry it has proved to be particular popular with men and is often found in guys bracelets.

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