Semi Precious Stones Jewelry

November 05, 2012


KenSu Semi Precious Stones Jewelry was created with the intention to design something special with the Light vibrating out of every jewelry piece.

We started KenSu Semi Precious Stones Jewelry by the end of 2007. The name KenSu, which is Kendra and Suheiwa put together, is a Japanese word meaning; to combine with - to bring together.

Fitting to our spiritual lifestyle and understanding, the name has been an ongoing inspiration for us and our creativity. Each of us are multicultural and international and have been interested in fashion and all types of art forms since childhood.

While living and traveling together for the last 11 years all over the World we became very inspired with the designs, colours and visions of the exotic places we were. That started our creating pieces of jewelry and clothing. In the beginning just for ourselves, and then people became interested in what we were wearing and encouraged us to design for a larger public. Together we then became motivated to share our experience and sense of beauty, and created KenSu Semi Precious Stones Jewelry.

We saw the need of people wearing Energy pieces and put together Precious Metals with Semi Precious Stones. Again we combined something Precious together. Here are some example of the Stones with there Energy's.

Agate: Good Fortune, Health and Wealth

Amber: Healing, Clarification and Warming

Amethyst: Inner Peace, Transforms Negative Energy, Protection, Purification, Divine Connection and Release of Addiction

Aqua Marin: Trust, Harmony, Happy Marriage, Happiness and Clear Communication

Aventurine: Opportunity, Luck and Chance

Black Onyx: Mastery, Focused Attention, Relieves Stress, Self Control and Will Power

Carnelian: Courage, Vitality, Sexuality and Confidence

Chalcedony: Calming, Centeredness and Communication

Citrine: Creativity, Manifestation, Mental Clarity and Will

Red Coral: Wisdom, Visualization and Prevent Ill Fortune

Dendrite: Victory, Strength and Peaceful Mind

Diamond: Pure Light, Protection and Power

Emerald: Love, Compassion, Healing and Abundance

Garnet: Spirituality and Relieves Depression

Hematite: Grounding, Manifestation and Protection

Iolite: Truth, Simplicity and Money

Jade: Love, Virtue, Fertility and Generosity

Labradorite: Magic, Protection and See Through Illusions

Lapis Lazuli: Truth, Communication, Inner Vision, Awareness

Moonstone: Intuition, Mystery, Self Discovery and Calming

Opal: Peace, Hope and Communication Thru The Heart

….and so on, we have a much bigger selection on the meaning from the Semi Precious Stones Jewelry on our Website.

It is our pleasure to share with you our inspiration and joy by presenting our hand-crafted jewelry. Enjoy Kendra and Suheiwa 

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