The Healing Power Of The Stones

October 11, 2012

We never imagined that the stones had a healing power. It has been thanks to the scientific work of the researcher Daya Sarai Chocron, exposed in the book "Healing With Crystals & Gemstones" that today we know that.

The ancient civilizations knew the healing power of the stones and practiced in medicine and psychology. They knew that the precious and semiprecious stones are alive entities that vibrates according to different frequencies, engendering fields of power, from which we can obtain new forces capable of harmonizing our body and our spirit.

Properties of the stones

The red and orange stones give vitality to the human body and stimulate it.

The yellow stones can vivify and clarify the mental activity.
The green stones calm and soothe the nervous system.
The blue and indigo stones inspire and produce a spiritual opening.
The violet stones, accelerates and sublimate all processes of the body, the intellect and the spirit.

The stones and the signs of the Zodiac

The constellations, harmonize with all minerals and precious stones and are the colors which indicate to us their affinity. To hold or carry jewelry is tantamount to attract about whether the magnetic forces that emanate from those constellations. That is why it is necessary to know the under which luminous ray, were we born and use the influence of stone that falls to us: its proper use favor the free movement of the cosmic energy to the pace of the zodiacal stations.

So we link with our zodiacal sign and the color:

Aries -     Stone: Ruby, bloodstone, red jasper - Color: red

Taurus - Stone: Golden topaz, coral, emerald - Color: Yellow
Gemini - Stone: Rock crystal, aquamarine - Color: Violet
Cancer - Stone: Rock crystal, moonstone - Color: Green
Leo - Stone: Ruby, amber - Color: Violet
Virgo     - Stone: Pink jasper, turquoise, zircon - Color: violet
Libra - Stone: Opal, diamond - Color: Yellow
Scorpio - Stone: Maroon, topaz, agate - Color: Red
Sagittarius - Stone: Amethyst - Color: Purple
Capricorn - Stone: White onyx, black onyx - Color: Blue
Aquarius - Stone: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli - Color: Indigo
Pisces - Stone: Diamond, jade, aquamarine - Color: Indigo

The days of the week

The history of the stones has very strict rules concerning what stones are used in certain days of a week, because there is a connection between the type of stone and each day.

Sunday, the day of the Sun: Gold and yellow stones as the amber and golden topaz.

Monday, the day of the moon: Pearl, moonstone, all white stones.

Tuesday, the day of Mars: Garnet ruby, all the red stones.

Wednesday, the day of Mercury: Turquoise (protection against the air), blue sapphire, lapis lazuli.

Thursday, the day of Jupiter: Amethyst, violet and purple stones.

Friday, the day of Venus: Emerald and malachite, all green stones.

Saturday, the day of Saturn: Diamond and all the black stones.

The stones from the more humble until the most beautiful, live, breathe, transmit, react, glisten and pulse. Their vibrations acting in our be and can be used to harmonize our body and our spirit.

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