Gemstone Meanings in Jewelry

October 03, 2012

Gemstone Meanings

Most gemstone beads have attributes that are traditionally associated with them. Flourite is known for intuition while citrine is thought to sooth anxiety. Iolite is associated with leadership and self-confidence. Tigers-eye is linked to wealth while sunstone is worn to ease stress. Try them to see for yourself!

Amethyst    Amethyst beads are lush, beautiful and hard to resist. They will add depth and a bit of mystery to your jewelry designs. Amethyst is used for inspiration and intuition. It is associated with prosperity and psychic powers. Some people believe that it helps encourage sobriety and recovery from addiction. The intense purple color has been traditionally linked to spirituality.

Apatite is often linked to water and is thought to promote harmony.

Aquamarine     is associated with tranquility, clarity of mind and creative self-expression. It is believed to be soothing and to aid meditation. Because of its color, Aquamarine has often been linked to Sea Goddesses.

Aventurine    Sometimes called the "Stone of Heaven", aventurine is thought to protect the heart, enhance creativity and promote healing. This stone may have been used by shamans to open the 'inner eye". It is said to aid those who seek a new path. Aventurine is also thought to attract money and promote leadership.

Carnelian    In vibrant orange, carnelian beads radiate energy. Carnelian is associated with motivation and is used to stimulate career growth. Believed to protect against fear, Carnelian was also employed to ward off melancholy, envy and rage. It was also used in charms for love and seduction. Use these bright beads to jazz up any jewelry design!

Chrysoprase is thought to encourage a state of grace or deep meditation. It is associated with good moods, wisdom, communication and stress relief. Chrysoprase was traditionally used in charms to attract money and luck. It is thought to banish envy.

Citrine With its sunny warmth, citrine is associated with a wide array of positive qualities. It is widely known as the stone of success and has been used in charms for money and abundance. Citrine is thought to promote optimism, instill self-confidence and to encourage clear thinking. It is also linked to creativity, wisdom and sound mental health.

Emerald    The Greeks associated emeralds with Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty. It is still linked to love and wealth. Emeralds are also associated with mental clarity, truth and self-knowledge. They are thought to promote healing, balance and patience while lifting depression and enhancing the immune system.

Garnet beads are extremely popular. The warm red color goes well with most skin tones and they are also easy to pair with other materials. They look equally good with silver or gold plated beads. From Egyptian times, garnet is has been associated with passion, love and loyalty. Garnets were also used in charms to protect against thieves. Some people believe that garnets help to purify the body and enhance imagination. Use these meaningful stones beads whenever you need a drop of passion. They also look great!

Iolite    Known in some cultures as water sapphire, iolite is said to support inner strength, self-confidence and leadership qualities. It is also associated with spiritual growth, peace and simplicity.

Jasper has a rich history as a powerfully protective stone. In ancient times it was worn by healers and used to invoke rain during droughts. Jasper is thought to deflect negativity and stress while inducing mental clarity, focus, stamina and general good health. It is also associated with stability, security and independence.

Labradorite    Smoky iridescence gives labradorite a mysterious beauty. This stone is linked to faith and destiny. It was traditionally thought to promote visions and psychic ability. Labradorite is said to strengthen intuition, help one see through illusions and enhance self-reliance. Labradorite is sometimes linked to magic.

Moonstone    Named for their lunar shimmer, moonstones come in several milky colors. This beautiful stone is associated with intuition, creativity and good fortune. Moonstone was used as a charm to promote nurturing. It is also believed to attract love, compassion and sympathy. Linked to spirituality, moonstones offer a subtle pallet of color to enhance your designs. Pick your favorites today!

Onyx    was traditionally believed to banish grief. It is associated with protection, wisdom, good fortune and happiness. Onyx may be used to help break bad habits. It is thought to assist in healing, self-discipline, grounding and relaxation. It also encourages marital happiness and spiritual inspiration.

Pearls    Once believed to be tears of the Gods, pearls symbolize innocence and purity in Western culture. They have strong feminine associations and are also linked to water and to the moon.

Peridot Vibrant peridot adds a touch of spring green to any design. This stone is associated with visions and mysticism. It was also used as a charm against jealousy. Other attributes include problem solving, strong will, and the ability to sooth bruised egos. It was sometimes used to promote marital happiness.

Quartz     Add light and sparkle to your jewelry designs with quartz beads. Clear crystal quartz is often used for healing and meditation. Rutilated quartz is associated with creativity and positive direction. Wear smoky quartz for endurance and to promote learning. Finally, rose quartz is known for generating feelings of love and compassion.

Ruby    Rubies are associated with wealth, joy, sexual energy and power. They are believed to generate passion and assist with spiritual endeavors. At one time, rubies were thought to protect against misfortune, inspire courage and attract live.

Sapphire    Known as the "Stone of Prosperity", sapphire is said to help people fulfill their dreams. It is linked to inner peace, joy and intuition. In the Middle Ages, people believed that sapphires suppressed wicked thoughts. It traditionally symbolized hope and was used by the Greeks to aid in prophecy.

Serpentine    Serpentine is thought to aid the meditative state. It may dispel fear and enhance self-confidence. This stone was a favorite of Rasputin, the notorious Russian monk.

Sodalite    This deep blue stone is thought to encourage inner peace by encouraging objectivity, harmony and understanding. It is associated with deep thoughts, meditation and spirituality. Some people believe that sodalite boosts the immune system and improves communication.

Sunstone is a protective stone that may provide extra energy in stressful situations. It is thought to empower the wearer, promote self-esteem and healing, ease depression and encourage physical harmony. Sunstone is also linked to healthy sexuality.

Tiger Eye is a traditional talisman against the Evil Eye. It is thought to encourage emotional balance, grounding, and confidence. This stone is linked to decision making. It is also well known as a protective stone. Tiger Eye is said to stimulate wealth and enhance psychic abilities.

Topaz is the stone of calm and balance. It is thought to promote kindness, compassion and empathy. Topaz may help enhance awareness, relieve tension and encourage feelings of joy. Traditionally, it was favored by scholars and artists because it was believed to aid in higher thinking. Topaz is also associated with courage.

Tourmaline is said to strengthen both body and spirit. It is believed to attract inspiration, aide concentration, encourage balance and promote understanding. Tourmaline are also thought to calm nerves, sooth grief, promote balance and build self-confidence.


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