Good Luck KenSu Precious Stones

August 29, 2012


Semi precious stones are known for their color, variety and priceless look. Every semi precious stone has distinctive property, color, brilliance and other physical and chemical properties. Also every kind of gemstone is associated with one or other kind of physical and mental healing that will help you to create the harmony in life and personality. Here are the most important gemstones and their affect on you.


Agate stone has very natural streaks and gorgeous colors. Self expression, strength, good fortune and creativity are associated with it. It also balances the yin and yang energy as considered good from the feng shui point of view. This stone belongs to zodiac Gemini and Virgo and known for its healing properties as well. It also do the cleaning of pancreas, lymphatic system, clean your skin and make the blood vessels strong.


Jasper stone is available in all sorts of colors, ranging from red, pink, green, yellow, grey, white, blue and many more. Also it has many patterns and often the patterns give name to the jasper stone like landscape jasper, picture jasper, camel jasper etc. Jasper is the semi precious stone for Virgos and people born in the month of October. All the chakras are supposed to be aligned by this stone. It also treats the insomnia and brings joy.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye semi precious stone is known to bring the confidence, courage and protection and also called crocidolite cat's-eye or African cat's-eye. Clarity of self comes by wearing tiger eye stone. Moreover Tiger eye stone gives courage when we need it the most. Roman soldiers used to wear it during battle for protection.


Beryl stone stimulates the mind and helps to increase the confidence and cleaning. Eye disease, swollen glands, bowel cancer and hiccups are cured by wearing beryl stone. Beryl is the birthstone of Scorpio.


Green malachite stone is known for its healing properties. Malachite has the marble effect with bands of light and dark green color. It is used to create harmony in life and pull in money. All negative and painful emotions are released by wearing this stone. Malachite is considered as talisman for children and also warns the wearer regarding impending danger. This is an anniversary stone that is given on 13th marriage anniversary. Zodiac sign Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn and people born in the month of July wear this stone.


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