KenSu Jewelry And The Perfect Semi Precious Stones

August 31, 2015

This month in India has been a busy, challenging and spiritual experience.
From the moment we arrived to Mumbai our senses have been on alert. India
tends to do that to you. From the immediate smells, sights and sounds, it
takes you in all directions of overwhelm.

It is a Love/hate affair we feel with it daily. In constant awe and wonder at how
it can continue as it does, and still grow. It's growing fast and furious. 30 story
buildings popping up over night to house the growing number of middle class
that are booming daily. Seeing the slum housing of plastic and tin structures
with satellite dishes on top of them for TV and mobile phones.
It is good to see more prosperity and growth here but the infrastructure is not
set up for the speed it is growing at right now. And that is seen and felt.

Our buying of stones was a success but very time consuming. Searching for
the right quality and sizes of semi precious stones we needed for our
KenSu Jewelry Collection, we set out to several of our stone dealers to search
for them. After many hours of quality and size control and many cups of Chai
tea to keep us alert, we have found a beautiful selection for our next
KenSu Jewelry Collection.

In between our designing and stone buying we had days off to tour the city to
temples, holy places, eating delicious Indian foods and fabric buying, is all
part of a ritual we take pleasure in, when we're in India.

Also visiting Osho International Meditation Resort was a high light where we
took the time to meditate, recharge and celebrate the Monsoon Festival.
Now ready to come home, we are excited to start our collection and share our
experiences with you all.





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