KenSu Precious Jewelry on Maui's Haleakala Volcano

June 10, 2015

Our journeys from all over the world brought us to settle in stunning Hawaii for the last 3 years, the most isolated group of islands in the world and yet a mecca for surfing, nature, spiritual seekers, weddings and holiday goers from around the world. We are in awe of the powerful energy of this land, living 3500 feet above sea level on the side of the world's largest dormant volcano in Maui. The breath-taking views, twinkling stars in the clear night sky, the cool tempatures of higher altitudes, the red soil from the crater, and black lava rock. To then the turquoise colors of the ocean, jaw-dropping waterfalls, magical bamboo forests, Tropical flowers are all a constant source of inspiration for our KenSu Jewelry designs. Each design we create comes from a space of silence, beauty, and nature. Our intention is to embody the aloha spirit: the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.

Our guide: The NEW and forever CHANGE of life

As with all fashion, one must be one step ahead. For us this is coming out with new collections twice a year with stones and designs mirroring the constantly evolving energies of this time. Life is forever changing every moment, as is our creations are a reflection of that change in all of us. This keeps our creativity flowing and allows you the excitement to choose the latest pieces that you most resonate with.


Bali and India;

We start our travels first to Bali, where we first Relax and rejuvenate our bodies with yoga, spas and delicious food. The beauty and grace of the culture always inspires us when we're there. From that place of relaxation and rejuvenation we can begin our preparation for our new collection starting with designing and creating our silver beads, custom clasps and KenSu logo charms.


From there we embark on our annual journey to India where we choose stones from all over the world that vibrate in harmony with the designs and colors of the seasons. India, if you have not been there, is a place of magical disarray. From the moment we debark from the plane in Mumbai, we are struck by the love-hate relationship we have for this country. We are elated by the kindness of the people, the colors, fabrics, fashions, and food. At the same time, the rude awakening of the smell of urine, poverty and filth of the country fills our nostrils and emotions. All the same, our sense of connection to this land and the people never changes.

We are grateful for the relationship we have developed with our trusted stone dealers and stone cutters feeling like family as we support each other in collaborating the latest creations. Side by side sipping cups of spicy chai as we carefully examine each stone, selecting the ones that are the right match before cutting them to fit our unique designs.

The energy and beauty of the stones have always amazed us. Their powers to balance, heal, protect and encourage are forever a surprise and excitement to us and to our customers. Together we witness the vast array of designs that come to life.  


Back in the Maui 

After 2 1/2 months sojourn, we settle back in Maui, ready and excited to assemble our new stones and silver pieces that will make up our latest collection to sell at the local boutiques, hotels, and craft fairs on Maui and selected shows on mainland USA.

Looking forward to sharing with you all our experiences on our travels as we will begin documenting our trip from June 17th onwards.

Let the journey and creations begin!

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