KenSu Precious Handmade Silver Jewelry For Someone Special

April 06, 2011

KenSu Precious Handmade Silver Jewelry has fast caught on as an aesthetic form of jewelry and is worn popularly by all. Silver has a strong presence all through history. It was worn by people during the ancient times and was crafted by hand. Machines were invented only in the 1800s. Silver jewelry made by machines was initially found only in the form of small trinkets and chains. As new techniques were developed people started crafting bigger and better pieces of jewelry. Techniques like casting were used to make identical pieces of existing jewelry in large quantities. Fine jewelry was however made by hand by craftsmen who started with a simple slab of the precious metal. Various tools were used to shape this piece of slab into a beautiful delicate piece of jewelry.

KenSu Precious Handmade Silver Jewelry is not very expensive to make as opposed to machine made techniques like usage of dies where the metal is stamped between the dies. This results in 2 pieces of the metal which then has to be joined. As with other precious metals, silver is easily transformed into exquisite ornaments. According to the US laws jewelry made of silver should not contain at least 92.5% silver. The rest of it is replaced with copper. However there is no legal limit to the amount of silver that goes into making silver plated jewelry. Such ornaments are again made with the help of other metals like copper. One needs to exercise some caution while buying such jewelry as there exists costume or junk jewelry that are made in combination with fake stones and tend to bend and lose color with usage.

Handmade silver jewelry is made best by designers who work solely on such ornaments. They use the finest of metals and craft delicate pieces as per your requirement, be it a beautiful pendant or custom made earrings. Handmade silver jewelry is one of the best ways to express your true feelings to a someone special. The smile on their face when they receive the gift is worth all the effort that goes into making one of these wonderful silver pieces.

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