Fashionable Handmade Silver Jewelry Makes a Comeback

April 03, 2015


Remarkable handcrafted silver jewelry has made a comeback in the jewelry business.  It is both fashionable and trendy but even more distinctive than many of the gold pieces available in today's fashion jewelry market.  Since gold prices have skyrocketed and become a lot more expensive, handmade silver jewelry is even more popular amidst today's society than ever before.

Part of the appeal with .925 sterling silver jewelry that is handmade lies in the many opportunities it presents, both as a casual jewelry item or as a dressy and even elegant choice.  Some sterling silver pieces are additionally adorned with precious or semi-precious gemstones to make it worth even more as an exotic accessory.

Makers of sterling silver jewelry are pleased by this phenomenon.  Just within the latter part of the 80's and 90's, gold was the often desired metal for fine jewelry. However, adding sterling silver as a highly desirable fine jewelry option gives the chance for new handcrafted jewelry designers to emerge and express their talents.  Silver's versatility allows an abundance of creativity for handmade jewelry designers to create every type of niche jewelry item you can imagine.  Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, of course; but also sterling silver pendants, pins, chokers, navel rings, cufflinks, belt buckles, arm bands and much more.  The possibilities for handmade silver jewelry are endless.


Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

There seem to be two types of sterling silver jewelry design trends to follow.  The Classic Trend design or the Retro Vogue Jewelry.  As you may or may not know, the 40's glam fashion trends are hot right now with everyone from brides to career women sporting the latest glamor girl looks in sensuous silver.  That means the dangly chandelier earrings, rhinestones, turquoise and even chunky looks are in style.  The nice part about this comeback is that the designs can easily flow in between work to dressy; making the vintage silver jewelry items a desirable choice for office to after-hours transition.


Another nice aspect is the affordability factor of silver as compared to other metals. Brides and grooms who once snubbed sterling silver in favor of gold are realizing that sterling silver rings are also nice. In fact, they may be lower maintenance than white gold or platinum in many instances.  This is just another of the many reasons that sterling silver handmade jewelry has made such an exciting fashionable entrance within the last few years.

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