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October 17, 2014

It has been too long since we have put our weekly blog out. KenSuJewelry has been on their US West Coast Arts and Craft Show Tour for 3 months. And when you are on the road it is not the most important to be on the computer every day. Now we are back in Maui Hawaii working on our new KenSuJewelry Designs and connecting with this beautiful community. In Maui we are showing and selling in the Famous Maui Swap Meet Market in Kahului every Saturday Booth #217 and at the Arts and Crafts Show in Lahaina. KenSu (Kendra and Suheiwa) like to be busy with creating, designing and producing KenSuJewelry.

Now we like to share a little bit from our KenSu Jewelry West Coast Tour, starting from Los Angeles where we presented our Collection in Pasadena. First of all Pasadena is a beautiful City north from downtown Los Angeles. Many of the houses we like, are built in the early 1920’s Art Deco style and the streets are very clean compared to the rest of L.A. The Whole Foods Market is my favorite one in the U.S. 2 floors and not so busy like the most of them I’ve been to.

The Pasadena Show has 200 vendors and it is a Juried Arts and Crafts Show. Juried Arts and Crafts Show means that every vendor gets selected from a specific Jury. The Convention Center is new and centrally located and our Show was 3 days long.

We want to Thank all the people that came by our Booth to see and buy our KenSu Jewelry Collection. The Contemporary Crafts Market was before Pasadena in Santa Monica for 27 Years and the organizer Roy Helms & Associates are doing a fantastic job with putting all vendors in the right spots.

We are looking forward to be seeing all the people that came by the last show in June, at the next show from the 31th October to the 2nd of November.

This Photo was taken at the last Pasadena Show.



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