Moonstone and Onyx Gemstone

May 08, 2014

Moonstone and Onyx Gemstone


The name moonstone came about because of the way that the light reflects in the stone and there appears to be the color of the moon shown. It is an incredibly old form of stone and has been a major item when it comes to making jewelry for many centuries. The Romans were fond of moonstone as they believed that it was actually formed from rays of the moon that had fallen to earth and been solidified. Along with the Greeks they linked moonstone with their Gods and Goddesses that had a lunar connection and made their jewelry in reverence to them.

An item of jewelry that has a moonstone will be pale and translucent and for many with knowledge of mystics know it. It is believed that the moonstone has mystic power. It is magic that the recipient takes in and the gift is related of our universal ansisters.

Moonstone can be found in many places such as Australia, Mexico, Burma Norway and the United States. In all cases it is being made into beautiful items of jewelry and many of them are handmade and will be one of a kind allowing the purchaser to have a truly unique item.

Very often a man will be comfortable wearing a ring that has a stone in it, and if that ring is an onyx then it can be more comfortable and powerful. As many samples of onyx will be black it will still seem to be a masculine item but can still be attractive and well designed.

Handmade rings are sometimes made to be sold in stores to make sure that there will not be many the same design but have still got a patent attached to them. It will also be possible to commission handmade rings and this will often be a couple who request them and intend them to be their wedding rings. It is possible to buy his and hers wedding rings in stores but by having the exact design required, there will be a feeling that their rings really are unique.

Finding a company that will be able to produce good quality products can be easy when checking online. Many will have websites that will allow customers to send in details of the ring they want and the design that is to be followed.

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