KenSu Jewelry Angel Wings And Their Meaning

March 21, 2014


Angels have been a large part of the lives of some people and their main presence is found all around us. There always seems to be an angel present when there is an amazing announcement to be made and it was believed that angels reside in heaven. As there is a belief that everyone has a guardian angel it makes sense that there will be jewelry designed to be reminiscent of an angel. If the item is bought for a close associate it can be a way of saying that if the person who bought it cannot always be around to protect them, then the angel wings can do it in their place. Although an angel is supposed to be a messenger sent from God it does not just have to be religious people who wear them.

It would be quite difficult to put a full angel on some items of jewelry and so it has become the wings that now appear on necklaces and earrings. There are many different items that have angel wing design or symbols but it is jewelry that can really stand out when worn in a sensible way.

There is no need for the items to be large but can be small and demure. While the angels of the bible will always have been white, dressed in white and sporting white wings, there will be a wide range of colors available.

Very often the angel wings will not be designed in the same way that they will have appeared on the angel. They will not be spread out and ready for flight but will normally be separate from each other and pointing down. In the best pieces of jewelry they will be highly carved and it will be possible to make out each wing and each feather on each wing.

For those with an interest in angel wings there are many items that can be purchased bearing the design. Not all will be jewelry as it will be possible to buy model angel wings although these will normally be for children, and many other things such as mirrors and trinket boxes showing the wings. Very often there are only two wings per item although there is a belief that a higher ranking angel has more than two wings although this has not been proved and jewelers do not seem to have picked up on the idea.

A well designed and crafted pair of angel wings can be a sign of affection and protection and from the right manufacturer will always be a quality item to be own.

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