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March 06, 2014

KenSu Jewelry will always be an acceptable gift and often the only question will be exactly which item to purchase. A necklace will always be a good choice but it is possible that there will be too much of a choice when it comes to choosing the exact style. With so many types to choose from such as silver heart necklace, gold heart necklace or open heart necklace. As there will be emotions and opinions connected to each item there will be a need to make sure that the correct choice is made as there can be a lot of problems stored up if the wrong decision is made.

If it is an open heart necklace that is selected there will be the view that there is a message being passed from the giver to the receiver. The idea can be that a heart that stays open will be able to heal itself after a failed relationship and also that if there are two open hearts there is no reason why one or both should have to lose their individuality just so as they can stay together.

An amethyst necklace can be a beautiful gift but as an amethyst is a birthstone it may not be considered appropriate for someone’s whose birthday is not in February. This by itself can cause an argument – “so you don’t even know which month my birthday falls in”. For the lucky ones who do have a February birthday it will be an amazing and well loved choice.

Pearls can cost a great deal and while a pearl choker made of many pearl may be out of the reach of many suitors there is no reason why there cannot be a freshwater pearl necklace that has just one pearl on a chain. It can look dainty and elegant and will set off the most spectacular outfit perfectly.

Energy necklaces are usually examples of a handmade KenSu Jewelry necklace that will have healing properties. There is the believe that they will be able to bring peace and harmony to the wearer along with prosperity and joy.

Whichever of these necklaces is chosen there will be a happy person who receives it and will wear it with pride. Clearly a freshwater pearl necklace will cost more than costume necklaces but if they are well designed and the right message accompanies them then it can be the beginning of a long term jewelry collection.


KenSu Jewelry

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