Pearl Earrings

November 12, 2013

Pearl Earrings


It seems that from the beginning of time human have adorned themselves with items of jewelry and have always wanted them to contain exotic and expensive items. Pearls have always been popular when it comes to jewelry and in particular with earrings. Pearl earrings are made with pearls of varying quality but as long as they are genuine pearls they will be a thing of beauty. Pearl divers should be able to make a good living if they are able to bring up good quality pearls.

Pearls are produced in the shell of a mollusk and are constructed of calcium carbonate. The pearls that will be the most valued will be smooth and round but baroque pearls will still be made into elegant items. So highly though of are pearls that the word is often used to describe anything that has great value or is universally adored. They will be long lasting and an ideal way to find out if a pearl is genuine ions to gently rub it across the teeth. A genuine one will feel gritty as it has spent long hours in a shell, while the one that is fake will be smooth and sheer.

There will be many items of fashion earrings and costume jewelry made with fake pearls but ones that are of the highest quality will make only the best pieces of jewelry and will do to jewelers who are renowned for making special pieces.

The most valuable pearls are the ones that are found in the wild and have been allowed to form naturally. If a pearl has genuinely been developed in the wild they are referred to as natural pearls. The less desired ones are farmed or cultured pearls and they will come from freshwater mussels or pearl oysters. Fake pearls are easy to identify as they have very poor quality iridescence so it is unlikely that they will ever be put in a piece of well made and high class jewelry.

Many pieces of handmade earrings will have the better quality pearls in them as it makes sense to only use the top quality items in pearl earrings that are being lovingly made and are going to be sold for a price that will make them a well loved and cherished article.

While the color referred to as pearl is a pretty color, cultured freshwater pearls come in blue, brown, yellow, pink, black or green and this will help to match them with many KenSu Jewelry gemstones.



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